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This post is related to my Moodle project. Quick summary of that, I build a server to host my in-house moodle site. It had LDAP SSO for MS-AD users. Can be now assessed internally and externally.


The reason for this post is if a user was to got to http://moodle/ they would have SSO, but if they imputed the external URL http://garstang.academy/ they would not be authenticated and would have to input username and password. Nothing wrong with this but would defeat point of SSO.


I had to change DNS so users in school who used http://garstang.academy/ would be redirected direct to the Moodle server.


  • Open an MMC and add DNS snap-in. Right click and “Connect to DNS Server…
  • Right click on DNS and click “Connect to DNS Server“, in the dialog box enter the name of your DNS server.
  • Expand: DNS Server -> [DNS Controller] -> Forward Lookup Zones.
  • Right click on empty space and add “New Zone“. This will start the New Zone Wizard.
  • Click “Next“.
  • Make sure to select “Primary Zone” &  keep “Store in the Active Directory…”  ticked.
  • Next“.


  • Select “To all DNS servers running on domain controllers…” then press “Next“.


  • For “Zone name:” put in the URL you wish to redirect. For me (garstang.academy).
  • Next“.
  • Select top option “Allow only secure…” then press “Next“.
  • Review your setting then press “Finish“.


Now you will see your new Forward Lookup Zone.


  • Click on your new Zone and add: “New Host (A or AAAA)…
  • If the site is a sub domain of the new zone (eg subzone.newdomain.com) then under “Name” put in then sub domain name.
  • For IP put in the IP of the IIS server.
  • Click “Add Host

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