Add Auto AD signatures to Exchange 2010

This guide is a quick how to on adding auto signatures onto active directory users exchange accounts on all outgoing emails.

You can also using this guide create a different signature design for internal emails.




  • On the exchange server open the Exchange management console,
  • Open Organisation Configuration
  • Select Hub transport 
  • Click Transport Rules tab
  • Then on the right panel click New Transport Rule…



  • Enter a name for the new rule and give it some detail in the comments.
  • Click Next


  • Who will this rule apply to?

    In this case i have selected
    “from people”
    sent to users that are inside the org.



  • Select the append disclaimer text option.
  • When you click the disclaimer text at the bottom enter your code


It’s worth keeping in mind when enforcing a signature rule across company/department(s) is to spend a bit of time on the design layout of the signature. After all, isn’t the whole point of this exercise to make something that looks nice?

Use HTML to define the signature layout and referring to LDAP attributes you can use information from Active Directory to make up the signature information.

So, providing that you took the time to standardize your Active Directory user data, you can make the signatures dynamic and relevant to each user.







%%city%%, %%state%% %%zipcode%%</br><br>

%% MobilePhone%%<br>


<img alt=”company.com”  src=”http://company.com/companylogo.png”>
<h5> <font color=gray>
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Up to you if you have any.



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