The CloudWebsite allows you to see real-time interaction with your chosen website, hear what people are thinking while they use the site, and if your paying, read a written summary of what their thoughts.

I recently discovered this service few months back which allows you to get free videos of random people using your website for the first time and saying out loud their thoughts as they figure out what it’s meant to do.

First usability test, done at beginning of April 2014.

I was very surprised when i received the video an hour later done my a real person opening your site and recording their thoughts. Following on from this video and the users comments i was able to carry out some improvements to the design and information presented on the home page.

Considering it’s a free service there’s little reason not to give it a try on your site. I’m guessing it’ll be more useful for say a site offering a service or selling rather than my knowledge sharing blog, but it’s still very nice to know what others think and use your site. They do offer a paid service starting at

Having been 3 months since my first video i decided to resubmit my site for review.



The outcome again from this users experience has helped me understand the design layout from another users perspective. Now this being said, i wouldn’t do anything too dramatic just from one users comments, especially as this is a free service and the tester may not be in your target market. I’ve seen some very funny videos of usertesting looking over some quite specific topic websites that the tester just doesn’t understand and would never have arrived at the site in normal browsing.

So what your waiting for, head over to and submit your site. Even better why not post your video in the comments below.

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