Unroot Nexus 4 to Stock Android 4.2

Installing this update will invalidate your manufacturer warranty; this website and its owner take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for any damage you may inflict on your phone/tablet as a result of following this guide.


As per a request, here is how to restore the Nexus 4 back to stock Android 4.2. You may wish to do this in the event you want to send your phone off for repair or if you are having stability issues…


  • Download the tool kit: unrootNexus4
  • Nexus 4 with at least 80% battery.
  • micro-USB cable.
  • Computer. (windows)
  • Rooted Nexus 4


Backing up:

I could show you how to backup your phone using command line (adb backup -apk -all -f backup.ab) and if you know how to be all means do. Or head over to and us the Holo backup program (nee:Simple adb backup) you will still have to install the drivers for your phone is not already done so so follow next few steps.

  • Make sure Developer Options ON and USB debugging Ticked. Can access by going to Setting and down to System. If you done see {} Developer Options  go into About phone and tap the build number until it pops up “You are now a developer”, then hit back and go into the Developer Options.
  • Plug your phone into your computer with micro USB cable, open Device Manager on your computer and update the Nexus 4 with exclamation mark with drivers provided in the

Now simply run the Holo program and select the backup option you want. Go to your phone and you should see a Pop-up window asking you if you want to backup your data, hit “Back up my data”.  This will backup all of your settings, apps, app data, etc… when ever option(s) you picked. Once backup is done (this may take some time) unplug the phone from the computer and power off.



  • Power off the phone
  • With the phone powered off, hold down the Volume Down and Power button together for about about 5 seconds. this will put the phone into bootloader.
  • Plug your Nexus 4 into your computer.
  • Now run the first of the two files “Samsung_USB_Driver_for_Moblie_Phones_v1_4_6_0.exe” and go through the install process.
  • Go to “Device Manager” on your computer and expand “Nexus 4”, you should see “Android Bootloader Interface” (if you don’t see that follow the Root Nexus 4 tutorial and follow how to install drivers.
  • you now need to update the drivers 
  • Open Command Prompt.
  • Navigate to the extracted “UnrootNexus4_4_2” folder (for me: cd c:\UnrootNexus4_4_2\)
  • type the following commands leaving time for the operations to complete between commands
  • fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-mako-makoz10l.img

  • fastboot reboot-bootloader

  • fastboot flash radio radio-mako-m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.33.img

  • fastboot reboot-bootloader

  • fastboot -w update

  • The last command will take the longest, around 3 to 5 minutes is normal
  • Chances are your phone will reboot at the end of the process and will stick on the “X” boot animation (This i have found to be normal for this process, so don’t worry)
  • Unplug your phone from computer and keep holding the power button until your phone turns off.
  • With phone off, access Bootloader. Press “volume down” and “power” buttons at the same time. When your phone vibrates let go of the “power” button.
  • Press “volume up” twice and press “power” at Recovery Mode.
  • You will see a “Dead Android” image, perfectly normal (ish, at any other moment this would be bad, but few steps will fix this.)

dead android


  • At the Dead Android. Press “volume up” “volume down” and “power” button all at the same time until you see stock “recovery”. Use volume buttons to navigate to “wipe data/factory reset” press “power” button and next screen “Yes — delete all user data”.

stock recovery

  • After wipe is done choose “reboot system now”.
  • Congratulations, your Nexus 4 is unrooted. However, if you are planning on sending your phone back to LG/Google we need to lock the bootloader and remove the unlocked padlock symbol when turning on the phone.
  • Now go back into Bootloader Mode.
  • Plug your Nexus 4 into your computer for final time.
  • At a Command Prompt window type following:
  • fastboot oem lock


And thats it, Job done.