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Batch Uninstall Sophos 10

Recently my work has moved away from County controled IT facilities and software including AntiVirus Sophos.

With around 500 computers currently on the network doing an uninstall manually would cost too much time and money so a simple script was called for.

It’s a simple basic batch file that stops all the Sophos services and then msiexec command to uninstall.

I would recommend making this either a login script for a specific admin account or even an SCCM application uninstall deployment could work.


Check first that your Sophos AV server isn’t still set to automatically deploy AV to computers on same domain thats don’t have Sophos installed, that would be silly and waste of time. 


  • Make a new text file called (anything really) uninstallSophos.txt
  • Change the .TXT extension to .BAT
  • Copy the code below into the new batch file


REM Stopping Sophos Services
net stop “Sophos AutoUpdate Service”
net stop “Sophos Agent”
net stop “SAVService”
net stop “SAVAdminService”
net stop “Sophos Message Router”
net stop “Sophos Web Control Service”
net stop “swi_service”
net stop “swi_update”

REM Removing Sophos AutoUpdater
msiexec.exe /X {15C418EB-7675-42be-B2B3-281952DA014D} /qn REBOOT=SUPPRESS /PASSIVE

REM Removing Sophos Update Manager
msiexec.exe /X {2C7A82DB-69BC-4198-AC26-BB862F1BE4D0} /qn REBOOT=SUPPRESS /PASSIVE

REM Removing Sophos Remote Management System
msiexec.exe /X {FED1005D-CBC8-45D5-A288-FFC7BB304121} /qn REBOOT=SUPPRESS /PASSIVE

REM Removing Sophos Anti-Virus
msiexec.exe /X {9ACB414D-9347-40B6-A453-5EFB2DB59DFA} /qn REBOOT=SUPPRESS /PASSIVE


  • Test by running the batch file on a computer with Sophos installed.

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