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TorGhost on Kail

TOR is a great service for anonymity. However, if you want to use it in Kali you would have to install the Tor Browser, great for hiding web browsing but not for running exploits or scanning. One tool that shines out for me is TorGhost. With TorGhost running, it will route all the network traffic through tor network i.e. every application that tries to connect internet will go through tor network. GOOD TIMES. Like a blackhole, not a single ping can escape. DNS Leakage (no cream for this one i’m afraid), it’s is an issue in network security that most of us don’t know. For years Government agencies hunt down hackers using this vulnerability, and very successfully too. No matter how safe you encrypt dns leak is a serious issue. for more info:  What is DNS leak and how it affects your anonymity . TorGhost have a solution for that too. It can use a remote and anonymous DNS server to resolve hostname unlike other unsafe applications that uses dns provided by your ISP.

Good read: Can You Stay Anonymous While Participating in a DDoS Attack?

Installing TorGhost

To clone the project off of GitHub simply open a terminal and type:

git clone

Lets do a quick update:

apt-get update

Then open the new folder:

cd torghost

Next you need to change the file permissions, type:

chmod +x

Start TorGhost

If you want to run TorGhost type:

torghost start

Stop TorGhost

And if you want to stop it, simple type:

torghost stop


Job Done!!

That’t it! You can now route traffic through The Onion service! Anything done over the Internet on your computer will be router through Tor servers. Meaning, most importantly, that includes scanning, poking, browsing, and running exploits.

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