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Linux – Basic Terminal Commands

This post was a quick post as an intro to some of the useful “Basic” commands i recon any one new to linux will need to know and will probably be using in the first day if not hour of use.

Start the graphical Interface “GUI”.


List the contents of the folder of the folder you run the command in.


sudo” To Update your Linux OS software.

sudo apt-get update

Find the IP address of your computer.

sudo ifconfig

Open a file in “nano” text editor.

nano /folder-name/file-name.txt

md5 checksum (commonly called hash) used to match or verify integrity of files that may have changed as a result of a faulty file transfer, disk error or possible malicious or otherwise of the file



Sudo (super user do) command allows a permitted user to execute a command as the superuser.

sudo apt-get update


Make a new directory command “mkdir” create a new directory with name path.

mkdir newfolder


cp” stands for (Copy), copy a file from one location to another location.

cp /home/user/desktop abc.tar.gz /home/user/desktop/folder


mv” moves a file from one location to another location.

mv /home/user/desktop/folder abc.tar.gz /home/user/desktop


cd” or (change directory) change the current directory to the path you enter.

cd /home/name-of-directory/


The command “pwd” (print working directory), prints (displays) the current working directory with full path.




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