Color Me RAD 5K – Taste the Rainbow


21st of June and hundreds if not thousands of participants started to gather on Heaton park Manchester to experience a different style of 5K run, this one has explosions of colour.

I got up around 0710 and had a bowl of cereal then headed off to the park for about 0730 to give me plenty of time to park and pick up my run pack. around 0830 the section of the park we was gathering started to fill with masses of people wearing nice clean white T-shirts.

Unlike other running events, the Colour Me RAD 5K adds, well, a colourful twist to the typical running event. Runners began the race wearing all perfect white, and as they pass certain checkpoints around the park, they are bombarded sprayed with an explosion of colour.

I can honestly say that though the concept would never have appealed to me before and if not for the fact my girlfriend wanted to do it would have passed the opportunity up. But now, I would definitely do another Colour Me Rad race again and would indeed encourage others to sign up in the future, It certainly is more of a fun experience than an athletic challenge.

For more information on the Color Me Rad 5k and upcoming races, visit their website at


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