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SCCM Deploy – Office 2010

This guide i will be going through the basic settings and configuration of deploying office 2010 using SCCM 2012.


Start off by copying the contents of office 2010 on to your SCCM applications share giving it a proper name like Office2010…


Office Configuration Tool


Once copied open a command prompt and run setup.exe with syntax /admin

k:\Office2010\setup.exe /admin


Microsoft Office Customization Tool will load, Choose Create a new setup customization file for following product, verify that correct product is selected. Click OK


Go through the options and change what you need to.

The main ones for me being:


Setup>Install location and organisation name

Put in your company name

Install Location and Organisation Name
Install Location and Organisation Name


Setup>Licensing and user interface

You either enter your product key or for me we have a KMS server setup.

Also Tick I accept the terms in the licence Agreement.

Change the Display level to None

Tick Suppress modal and No cancel

Licensing and user interface
Licensing and user interface


To prevent a computer reboot we need to add a property value.

Setup>Modify Setup properties


Value: Never

Modify Setup properties
Modify Setup properties


To stop the opt-in wizard prompt on first run we have to edit a user setting.

Features>Modify user settings

Microsoft Office 2010>Privacy>Trust Centre 

Enable – Disable Opt-in Wizard on first run


Modify user settings
Modify user settings

I also added the exchange settings for our on site exchange server so users can reach their emails from any computer without additional configuration. That setting is found under Outlook.


Outlook>Outlook profile

Select New Profile and type in a profile name


Outlook>Add accounts

Click Add, select Exchange, press Next.

Input your Account Name, Leave User Name as %UserName% (this is an AD header for usernames) and put in your Exchange server name. Click Finish.

6 6.5


After you have done altering the setup just the way you need it, click File then Save.

Make sure you save the MSP file inside the Updates folder.



SCCM Deploy



Open the SCCM Manager and under the Application Management, right-click Applications and select Create Application

Select  Automatically detect information and set type to Windows Installer (*.msi file) Click Browse and find the folder called ProPlus.WW and select the ProPlusWW.msi. Click Next. This will be changed later but for simplicity use this msi for now.



Next fill in the information if required. in the Installation program: box replace msiexec /i “ProPlusWW.msi” /q with setup.exe. Set Install behavior as Install for system. Click Next then Finish


Now to change the content location as mentioned before.


Right click on the new Microsoft Office package and click Properties.

Click the tab Deployment Types, select the package and click Edit.

In Content Location remove from the folder path \ProPlus.WW 


Now click the tab Programs and check Installation program is set to setup.exe

You can also change the Uninstall program to be setup.exe /uninstall

Click ok and close all the windows to get back to the SCCM Manager console.


Right click on the Office 2010 application and distribute the content to the distribution Point.

Now to wait till the Content Status goes green, this indicates that the content has been distributed to distribution point successfully. 

(If it stays yellow or goes red you will need to investigate what’s causing the issue by going to Monitoring>Distribution Status>Content Status and looking for the Office 2010 package.)


Once the content is successfully distributed time to deploy to a test computer to make sure first the program deploys without incident and second the custom configuration settings also deployed.

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