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SCCM Deploy – Java

This post will show you how to package Java (7 Update 51 Feb 2014) for deployment using SCCM 2012


First thing, download the “Windows x86 Offline” from Oracles website Making sure it’s the Offline and not the online as it wont contain all the needed file for SCCM to deploy.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 16.01.15

Once you’ve downloaded the jre-7u51-windows-i586.exe setup file we need to extract the MSI and file from the installer, just double click the jre-7u51-windows-i586.exe and leave it don’t go through the install. Open an explorer window and navigate to %appdata%, it will take you to the Roaming folder, just navigate back one and go into LocalLow. Click into folder Sun then Java. Now you will see a folder called the version of Java you downloaded, in my case jre1.7.0_51.

java 1

Copy the folder jre1.7.0_51 and its content to where your SCCM applications are stored then cancel the Java install you started.

Now open your configuration manager console and start making a new application.

navigate to your the jre1.7.0_51 folder and select the jre1.7.0_51.msi.

Application wizard - jre1.7.0_51.msi
Application wizard – jre1.7.0_51.msi



Fill in the application information fields if you like then for the Installation program: msiexec /i “jre1.7.0_51.msi” /q 

add the following after the /q parameter:


These parameters will suppress reboots, disable updates, accept EULA, register Java Runtime IE and firefox, and create a verbose log in the %temp% folder.

Installer options can be found here:

Keep Install behavior: Install for system, then click Next.

Specify information about this application
Specify information about this application

Once the application has been created distribute the content and then test deploy to make sure all is working.

STATUS: Installed
STATUS: Installed