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SCCM Deploy – Greenshot

This post will show you how to package Greenshot (1.2.6 – June 2015) for deployment using SCCM 2012


  • Download the EXE from and place it into a new folder called Greenshot in you sccm application store.
  • Once  you’ve downloaded and placed on your sccm share drive open up your configuration manager console and start making a new application.
  • General: Select “Manually specify the application information
  • Next
  • General Information: Fill in as much details as you need
  • Application Catalog: Again fill in as much information as you need
  • Deployment Types: Click Add…
  • General: Click “Manually specify the deployment information”
  • Next
  • General Information: For name type in something basic like “Install”
  • Content: For the content location click browse and select the folder where you saved the Greenshot EXE into.
  • Installation program you need to have the Greenshot filename and extention then paste in the command: /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP. So it should look like the below command with pthe possable differance of the version


  • Detection Method: Click Add Clause







2 thoughts on “SCCM Deploy – Greenshot

  1. Thanks for the tip, but is there anyway to suppress the popup “Thank you for using Greenshot” page?

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