Restoring Google Samsung Nexus S back to stock

useful if sending in for warranty repair

I have a copy of the Nandroid backup of the stock Nexus S Rom, this includes OTA update GRH78. This is 100% stock.

At this point, I’m going to assume you have ether Clockwork recovery or other custom recovery installed.

● Download nandroid file from here –

● Extract the .zip file on your computer

● Move the folder “2010-12-” to the clockworkmod/backup/ directory of your phones internal storage.

● Note: if you have never used nandroid you won’t have the directory “clockworkmod/backup” on your phones internal storage, so just copy the clockworkmod from the zip to the phone’s root.

● Enter “bootloader” mode by pressing volume up and power button at same time, then go down to “recovery” by using the volume up/volume down keys to scroll up or down, then press the power button to launch it, and this will launch the recovery manager

● Once you’re in clockworkmod recovery, select “backup and restore”

● Then click “restore”

● Now you should be able to choose and select “2010-12-”

● Clockwork will now restore this nandroid backup

● Shutdown phone.

Note: This version of android build “GRH78” will give you stock recovery manager everytime you reboot the phone. So after doing this, after you reboot you will no longer have clockwork mod.

Now to remove the padlock you see when turning your phone on.

● Plug your phone into your computer using the phone cable.

● Enter bootloader again.

● Once the Nexus S is in bootloader open a CMD.

● Type in the following command:
>fastboot devices

The output should look something like this: 3933E575BC1400EC fastboot

If the output does not look like this, then your phone isn’t being detected. Check connection to your computer.

● In the CMD type in the following command:
>fastboot oem lock

● Now reboot the phone, note the padlock has gone!