Shrink SQL Server Reporting Services log

Came into the office today only to find the C drive of my SCCM server full. Using a quick tool called WinDirStat i quickly found the issue, and without surprise its SQL logs filling it up.


Found out the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) log database ReportServer_log.ldf file was eating up all disk space 85GB. Found out after forum chasing, this is because by default the Maximum File Size setting is set to 2TB and no Maintenance Plan is active to shrink the file, again by design.


In this guide, I will explain how to shrink the file and how to maintain logfile size.



  • Start SQL Management Studio
  • Expand Databases then select the ReportServer database. Right Click on it, choose Properties.
  • Select Options, then change “Recovery model:” from Full recovery to Simple.


  • Right Click on the ReportServer database again and choose Tasks, Shrink then Files.
  • Under “File type” select Log and click OK.


The ReportServer_log.ldf file should now significantly decreased in size in my case from 85GB down to 4MB.



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