Nexus 5 – Quick Notification Viewer

Ever since seeing the new HTC One (M8) and its ever so amazing “dot case” I’ve been on a hunt for a new way to read notifications on my phone with as much ease as possible. Like most interesting projects i found one that fit my bill on GitHub.

For any of the nexus range devices I’ve owned (all of them to date) viewing a new notification can feel a bit clunky at times. When a new message comes in, you hear your notification sound, you see the LED blinking and your phone may even vibrate, but without turning your phone on and pulling the notification bar down you just don’t know who the message is from and what it may be about.

There are ROMS you could install and configure such as the developers behind the custom ROM Paranoid Android. Their take on streamlining the notification experience is known as Peek, and lets you see an at-a-glance view of your notifications by just picking up your phone.

But, thanx the most excellent developer Zhe Lu  we have been saved the trouble of having to flash a new ROM to get this feature,  Zhe Lu has made an app that replicates Peek found in the Paranoid Rom. So now when i receive a new notification i simply pick up my phone and it automatically displays quick snippet about the notification.

Download Notification Peek

Zhe Lu’s Notification Peek app can be downloaded from his GitHub page HERE. From your Nexus 5, tap the newest download to get started. Hit OK to accept the download, then a notification will appear showing you the download progress.

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