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New Place of Work

I’ve started a new job! Yaaa

I actual left on the 1st and started my new place on the 4th August. I left my previous employers on very good terms, my reasons for moving on are based on location and progression, and was lucky to be able to take redundancy at the same time.

I’m now working for British Cycling over at the Home of British Cycling, Manchester Velodrome as ICT Support Technician.

The role is very much the same in many respects and have been able to pick-up the job fairly well, but i suspect this is the field of the job, there isn’t much variation from one company to another when it comes to IT just the procedures differ.

My first week was learing the layout of the building i will be working around and the layout for the network…

My second week and will be also be the same for the third, I’ve been left on my own as the manager will be away on vacation. This I hope gives me time to show my capabilities and resourcefulness and not a total fail.


As a result, it may be a bit of time before I post any more technical how-tos until I’m settles in to the new place.

Wish me luck.

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