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Mount VHD in Winodws 7

This quick guide will take you through the process of attaching a VHD file like the ones created by windows server backup or Hyper-V.


In this example the VHD was done of a large 500GB archive folder on a file server but the backup destination was onto a QNAP NAS.

Mounting VHD

  1. From your Windows 7 computer open Computer Management (Start/All Programs/Administrative Tools/Computer Management)
  2. Once open Click Storage then right click on Disk Management.VHD2
  3. Click “Attach VHD”
  4. Window will appear prompting for the location of the VHD. Go ahead and enter the UNC location of the VHD. VHD3
  5. If you are mounting a windows backup the file name will have been created for you, just need to make sure your mounting the correct one.
  6. You now have the option to make the VHD read only. This would be recommended if the VHD was created using windows backup and you intend to have the backup restorable by windows backup process. VHD4
  7. Once mounted it will assign a free drive letter and then you can browse the VHD.


Un-mount VHD

  1. To unmount the VHD safely you will need to again go into Computer Management (Start/All Programs/Administrative Tools/Computer Management)
  2. Locate the mounted drive (in my case E drive)
  3. Right click the Disk (n) and click Detach VHD.
  4. You will have the option now to Delete the VHD (if you select this it will permanently delete the VHD. Otherwise leave it un-ticked and click OK to unmount.

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