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Migrating Print Server from Windows Server 2008r2 to Windows Server 2016

Before you can start the migration process, you must ensure the Print and Document Services role is installed on the destination server.

Backup the Source Server 

From the new 2016 server you will need to open Print Management console.

  • Open Server Manager, click Tools, and then click Print Management.
  • Right Click Print Management, and select Migrate Printer.

  • Select Export printer queues and printer drivers to a file  and click Next.

  • Type in the old server name from which you want to extract to printer queues and drivers. and click next.

  • Review the list and click Next.

  • Provide a location and a file name to save the extracted data and click Next.
  • When the export is complete click Finish.


Restore Printers to the Destination Server

  • Right click Print Management, and then click Migrate Printers to open the Printer Migration Wizard.
  • Select Import printer queues and printer drivers from a file, then click Next.
  • After selecting the file we created when we exported the Print Queues and drivers, click Next.

  • Review the printers to be imported and click Next.

Select This Print Server… then click Next.

  • Set the import options and click Next


Now to prevent duplication of printers on the source server, you must Unpublish printers before. To do this, select all printers in the Print Management, right-click the selected printers, then click Remove from Directory. This prevents printers from being published twice to AD when the source server is renamed.


Cross referance the printers from “old” to the new server just to make sure you have them all.

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