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Integrate MDT with SCCM 2012 SP2

  • Once installation has completed we need to do some MDT configuring before integration with SCCM.
  • Start the Deployment Workbench. (Start, All Programes, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit – Deployment Workbench)
  • Open the drop down menu in Information Center.
  • Right Click Components and click Check For Updates.
Checking for Deployment Updates

Need to now download the then install Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)

  • Under Components click Windows Automated Installation Kit (x64)
  • Click Download at the Bottom.
  • Once Downloaded click Install.
Install WALK x64
  • When you click install a cmd window will pop up and install window, simply follow the on screen instructions.

Now to create a New Deployment Share folder

  • Still in the Deployment Workbench mmc right click Deployment Shares.
New Deployment Share
New Deployment Share
  • Follow the on-screen instructions changing the values to fit your environment. Leaving the Options as default.

We now need to make a new Database

  • Open the drop menu to get to Databases. (Deployment Shares, MDT Deployment Share, Advanced Configuration – Database)
  • Right Click Databases, and click New Database.
  • Fill in the settings with your environment information.

Now with all the modules and settings configured we can now start the SCCM MDT integration.

  • Open Configure ConfigMgr Integration. (Start, All Programes, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit – Configure ConfigMgr Integration)
  • The integration tool should auto fill the settings if not just enter the SCCM server name, click next.


  • Click Finish and that’s the integration done.


You will have to close and re-open the SCCM console to view the MDT Task Sequences.

If you are using a remote SCCM console you will need to install the MDT on the computers that have console and need to create/edit MDT Task Sequences. Simply run the .msi file you downloaded at the beginning of this guide and download the WALK x64 and run the intergration.




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