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LogMeIn, It’s Been Nice Knowing You!!

One of if not the biggest remote desktop providers has announced it will no longer be offering a free service. As of today (21st January 2014) any existing FREE accounts will have 7days to either  move on with your life and walk away even if you did pay £30ish for LogMeIn Ignition, or cough up you free loading hippie.

Moving to logmein Pro will cost you $49 a year thats 50% off  the regular price “As a loyal user”. Now for your $49/year  you are allowed to install the logmein software on TWO computers, but the main benefit would be you now have access to the premium features like remote printing, file transfer and cloud data access, plus desktop and mobile apps to improve your experience.


I however have already removed all LogMeIn and have moved happily over to TeamViewer and have found it to infact be a slightly better experience over LogMeIn.

Some of the features i’ve found: TeamViewer allows users to offer other computers remote support, as well as offering remote administration and remote access to other computers. It also allows user to hold online meetings to demo specific applications, for example i could demo my SCCM 2012 console, however any other application or desktop is grayed out for the viewer, allowing me to open my emails knowing no one watching can see them. Non-commercial use is free. Other features include the ability to invite colleagues to remote control sessions, the ability to share computer groups and contacts lists with colleagues friends, remote sound and video, remote account login, and automatic logout after the end of the remote session. All making TeamViewer my Top choice for a LogMeIn alternative.

TeamVewer Demo View