Liberating My Google Nexus S

Unlocking Bootloader and Rooting Samsung Google Nexus S

step by step – unlock bootloader then rooting nexus s

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if your device gets “bricked” or damaged during the process. Please take care and proceed at your own risk!

Make sure your phone is running 2.3.3. If it’s not, follow THIS guide.

Download the following and put into the “Tool” folder in the Android SDK Dir

Unlocking The Bootloader



– This will wipe EVERYTHING from your phone, make a backup 1st –


On the Nexus S. turn “Debugging On” by going into “Settings” “Applications” “Development” then ticking “USB debugging”

Now, turn off the Nexus S.

Plug phone into computer via USB.

Turn on the phone into the “Bootloader” by pressing “Volume up” and “Power” button at same time.

On computer open a command prompt

In the command prompt change directory to the tools folder in the android sdk folder where the fastboot and the other file you just downloaded are.
E.g I typed “cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk-windows\tools”

Now, to make sure your devide can be seen type in the command:
>fastboot devices
The output should look something like this: 3933E575BC1400EC fastboot

Now we have it connected we are ready to unlock. Note, on the phone below the phone serial number it will say “LOCK STATE – LOCKED”

In the CMD type in the following command:
>fastboot oem unlock

Your phone will change screen to a warning. PLEASE READ!

To carry on press the volume button to navigate to “YES” then press the “Power Button”
You should see something like this in the CMD window when its completed:

OKAY [ 0.047s]
Finished. Total time: 0.47s

Where it once said “LOCK STATE – LOCKED” it will say “LOCK STATE – UNLOCKED”

Now in the same CMD prompt type in the following:
>Fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-
When completed you should see something similar to this:

sending ‘recovery’ (3980 KB)…
OKAY [ 5.088s]
writing ‘recovery’…
OKAY [ 0.498s]
finished. total time: 5.586s

Back on the Nexus S, select “reboot”.

When the phone is back on, mount the phone storage on the computer. When done place the “” into the root of the phone storage.

Turn off the phone.

Boot the Nexus S into “Bootloader”

Select “Recovery”

Again, using the volume buttons to navigate select “install ZIP from sdcard” press power button

Select “choose ZIP from sdcard” press power button

Select “” the press power button to install

Select “Yes” and power button to select it.

Now it should say “Install from sdcard complete”

Select “go back” then “Reboot”


You can now install program from the market and elsewhere that require root permissions. One such app that I can’t live without is ASProxy. when you first run an app that requires root permissions you will be given a prompt asking if you want to grant root permissions or not.

I have also made a quick guide on how to restore the Nexus S back to stock! HERE