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Install and setup Skype for Business Server 2015 – Part 3

Creating DNS records

The proper functioning of the solution based on the creation of specific DNS entries to allow users to access servicesseamlessly.

In this example, the DNS are required:

  • Autodiscover : Lyncdiscoverinternal.DomainName.local, A record, ServerIP 
  • Meeting: meet.DomainName.local, A record, ServerIP 
  • Dialin: dialin.DomainName.local, A record, ServerIP 
  • Administration: lyncadmin.DomainName.local, A record, ServerIP
  • Web scheduler: scheduler.DomainName.local, A record, ServerIP 
  • Pool: lyncpoolfe01.DomainName.local, A record, ServerIP 





Creation of Skype Topology

We will now use the Skype for Business Topology Builder to define and configure our environment.

Skype for Business Start Topology Builder and choose new topology.


  • Type in your domain name












  • Click NEXT
  • Click NEXT again or add another name for another SIP environment you may have.
  • Now to name your site, type in and add a description if you wish.
  • Then press NEXT.
  • Now, input your site location details.












  • Click FINISH


  • A new wizard window will open where we can configure Skype and the front end pool.
  • Click NEXT


  • Type in your pool DNS name in this example input lyncpoolfe01.doaminname.local
  • Click NEXT












  • Select the services you wish to configure.
  • Then click NEXT.















  • At this point you have the option to collocate the mediation role, for this demo i wont be installing.












  • Click NEW and input your SQL server details.












  • Next we need to create a shared folder and assign local administrator group with the Full Control permissions.












  • Specify the location of the shared directory we just created.
  • Specify the name of your external URL for Web Services Skype for Business













  • Select “Associate pool with an Office Web Apps Server” if you have one.
  • Otherwise un-tick and click NEXT.












  • Click NEXT and FINISH











  • Right click on Skype for Business Server and choose edit
  • Specify the URL of administration
  • Engage the CMS with the pool just described

With the “Basic” setup complete we now need to make a few alterations and public it.

  • With the topology builder window still open right click “Skype for Business Server” and click EDIT.
  • Select “Central Management Server” and specify the URL.











Now the topology we just configured can be published.
























That should be it.


In the net post i will go through installing the necessary components for the Front end server.



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