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Install and setup Skype for Business Server 2015 – Part 2

Open the Skype for Business Server 2015 ISO and run the “SharedManagementObjects” setup file.













Would recommend letting the install check for latest updates.











  • Click Install Administrative Tools













  • NEXT












Applications Skype for Business Server 2015 are now available on the server



Preparing Active Directory


Click the “Prepare Active Directory”.












Step 4: Scheme Preparation

  • In the wizard “Prepare Schema“, click next
  • Check the logs
  • Check replication:
  • Open ADSI Edit console
  • From the Action menu, click on “connect to” select: Schema













  • Search CN = ms-RTC-SIP-SchemaVersion
  • Check the following values:
    • rangeUpper = 1150
    • rangeLower = 3














Network Forest Preparation

  • In the wizard “Prepare Forest”, click next
  • Verify the replication
  • Open a PowerShell window in Administration mode and type the following command:


Check the outputs and resolve any errors.

Prepping Your Domain

  • In the wizard “Prepare Domain”click next
  • Verify the replication is working
  • Open a PowerShell terminal in Administration mode and type the following command: Get-CsAdDomain -Domain yourdomainname.local -GlobalSettingsDomainController adservername.domainname.local
  • Ensure the value reads: LC_DOMAINSETTINGS_STATE_READY

At this point, add your user account in the CSAdministrator group















Active Directory preparation is now completed 













The work to install the Skype for Business has been complete, also the work to prepare AD has been done. PART 3 i will start with setting up the DNS and then creating the “Topology”.

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