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Install and setup Skype for Business Server 2015 – Part 1

SQL Server Installation for Skype for Business Server 2015


Extract the SQL iso to a folder using WinZIP or WinRAR.

Run SQL Server setup from installation media.

Select Installation and click on “New SQL Server stand-alone or add features to an existing installation”


Enter the product key and click on Next.

Accept the license terms and click on Next.














Allow SQL to check for updates and install if found.

Click on Next.

Click on Next.

You could Ignore the warning for the Firewall but to resolve the warning you simple need to disable the firewall for domains, then re-scan.

Click on Next.

Select “SQL Server Feature Installation” and click on Next.















For Back End, Archiving, Persistent Chat and Persistent Chat Compliance databases, select the below instance features.

Change the installation path if you want to keep SQL binaries on different location otherwise click on Next.














Click Next

Input your instance name and click on Next.














Click next on disk Space Requirements.

Click Next to accept Server Config Defaults or best practice would be to change to use a specific account.














In Server Configuration tab under “Database Engine Configuration” add users who will have SQL administrative rights. Would recommend adding Domain Admins.














In Data Directories tab, change the location for databases, log and temp directories as per your design and click on Next.

Use default option and click on Next.














Click on Install and configure.

Click Next















STEP 2 will be installing the server prerequisites.

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