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So you just got your new Google Home, and now you’re probably wondering what to do with it. From controlling your connected lights to getting information about your favorite actor, Google Home, powered by the new Google Assistant, certainly has a lot of tricks up its sleeve which can be handled with Google Home commands from your voice.

While there are thousands of different things you can ask your new smart speaker, we’ll do our best to round up the ones you need to know. Here’s a complete list of Google Home commands. They will also work with google phone assistant.

  • Ask for help:
    • “Ok google, Help.”

My personal favorite start the morning with:

  • “OK Google, Good Morning”


Always start with “OK Google,”

  • Counting:
    • Count to [number]
  • Flip a coin:
    • “Flip a coin.”
  • Random number:
    • “Give me a random number between [x] and [y].”
  • Math:
    • “whats 10 times 10”
  • Conversions:
    • “How many kilometers are in 1 mile?”
    • “How much is 1 Bitcoin in british pounds?”
  • Time:
    • “What time is it?”
    • “What time is it in New York?”
  •  Location:
    • “Where am I?”
  • Alarm:
    • “Set an alarm for [time].” (will only be on device you set in on for now)
    • “Snooze alarm.”
  • Recipes:
    • “How do I cook a potato”
    • “how do i make a salmon omelet”
  • Shopping list:
    • “Add checken to my shopping list.”
    • “What’s on my shopping list”
  • Travel:
    • “How long would it take to get from home to work”
    • “How long would it take to get from home to work by car”
    • “How long would it take to get from home to work by bike”
    • “When is the next train to work”
    • “When is the next bus to Trafford Centre”
    • “Order an Uber.”


  • Play music:
    • “Play some music.”
    • “Play some [genre] music.”
  • Play an artist or song:
    • “Play [artist].”
    • “Play [song].”
  • Ask what’s playing:
    • “What song is this?”
    • “What album is this?”
  • Get more information:
    • “When did this album come out?”
  • Play music through other speakers using Chromecast:
    • “Cast [song] onto [speaker name].”
  • Play music on YouTube Music:
    • “Play [artist] on YouTube.”
  • Sings You a Song:
    • “Sing me a song.”


  • Translations:
    • “How do you say good morning in french”
    • “What is Schuldgefühle in English”
  • Weather:
    • “How’s the weather today?”
    • “How’s the weather today in New York?”
    • “What’s the forecast for [day of week]?”
    • “Do I need an umbrella today?”
  • Traffic:
    • “What’s the traffic like on the way to [work | home | business name]?”
  • Words:
    • “What does [word] mean?”
  • Spelling:
    • “Spell foreign”
  • People:
    • “Who is [person]?”
  • Facts:
    • “How old is [person]?”
  • Animal sounds:
    • “What noise does [animal] make?”
  • Distance:
    • “How far away is [business name] from here?”
  • Restaurants:
    • “Where is the nearest restaurants?”
  • Business information:
    • “What time does [business name] open/close”
    • “Is [business] open now?”
  • Medical:
    • “What is a torn meniscus?”
  • Calories:
    • “How many calories are in [food item]?”
  • Inventors:
    • “Who invented [item]?”


  • Wake up
    • “wake up everyone”
    • “it’s time to wake up”
  • Breakfast
    • “breakfast is ready”
    • “breakfast is served”
    • “it’s time for breakfast”
  • Lunch
    • “your lunch is ready”
    • “it’s lunch time”
  • Dinner
    • “dinner is ready”
    • “ring the dinner bell”
  • Time to leave
    • “it’s time to leave”
  • Arrived home
    • “I’m home”
  • Movie/TV time
    • “it’s movie/TV time”
    • “the movie is about to start”
  • Bedtime
    • “it’s time for bed”
    • “it’s time to go to bed”
    • “sleep time”
    • “we should go to bed”
  • Custom message:
    • “Broadcast/shout/tell everyone/announce <message>”


  • News:
    • “What’s today’s news?”
  • Games:
    • “Let’s play I’m feeling lucky”
    • “Let’s play Crystal Ball”
    • “Let’s play Rock Paper Scissors”
  • Poetry:
    • “Read a poem”
    • “Tell me a story”
    • “Tell me a scary story”
  • Singing:
    • “Sing a song”
    • “Sing happy birthday”
  • Jokes:
    • “Tell me a joke”
    • “Tell me another one”
    • “Tell me a prank”

Smart Home

Integrated platforms


  • “What’s the temperature”
  • “Make it warmer”
  • “Make it cooler”
  • “Set the temperature to 22 degrees”
  • “Raise the temperature 2 degrees”


  • “Turn on [light/device name]”
  • “Dim the [light name]”
  • “Brighten the [light name]”
  • “Set [light name] to 50%”
  • “Dim/Brighten [light name] by 50%”
  • “Turn [light name] green”
  • “Turn on/off lights in [room name]”
  • “Turn on/off all of the lights”
  • “Turn [light name] to 1%”


  • Control the volume:
    • “Turn it up a little bit.” (5% increase)
    • “Turn it up.”, “Louder”, “Volume up” (10% increase)
    • “Crank up the volume.” (13% increase)
    • “Turn it up a lot.” (18% increase)
    • “Turn the volume up a ton.” (Sets volume to 11)
    • “Turn it to 11.”
    • “Set volume to [percentage from 1-100%]”
    • “Mute.”

Netflix through a Chromecast

  • “Pause TV”
  • “Resume TV”
  • “Stop TV”
  • “Skip TV MM:SS”
  • “Rewind / fast-forward the TV X seconds/minutes”
  • “Turn TV volume to X%, volume up/down”
  • “Mute TV”


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