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It’s Google’s turn to get their many fingers into another cloud service and attempt to crush another established service, In this case they are must have DropBox in their sights.

I’m going to skip over and make the assumption everyone knows what DropBox is and what service it offers.
It’s an obvious evolution which started with HDD, Floppy drives being the first portable medium. Moved onto portable HDD then solid state USB drives (Pen Drives, Flash Drives…) now we have Cloud storage.

What Google are offering is very much like what DropBox offered, a basic 5GB of storage for free DropBox currently offering 2GB free but chance to get bonus storage for a bit of work. It’s still smaller than the average flash drive but enough to keep them photos you can’t live without or the office files you want keeping safe.


Now the question most people will be asking is why I would move from DropBox, a proven reliable and trusting cloud storage service to Google, simple answer is “there isn’t”! this is to say, No if you find DropBox basic 2GB enough or if you can drum up enough referrals to bag yourself 18GB or free storage. Google are starting off at 5GB free but no referral system (why would they this is Google everyone knows who they are). But it’s not the Free storage that’s going to make someone move.

It’s the upgrade storage that’s going to make people think twice and shift over to Google. Currently and I say current because today being 27/04/2012 I can’t honestly think DropBox in its current form can compete. DropBox are offering an upgrade to 50GB for $9.99 (£6.15) per month or there Pro 100 100GB storage for $19.99 (£12.30) per month. Now both upgrades still have a referral bonus system allowing the user to gain an extra 1GB per referral up to an extra 32GB.

Google Drive is not offering a 50GB option, but instead offering a 25GB for $2.49 (£1.53) that’s a 50.15% difference in price per GB. Moving onto there next is the 100GB, Google are offering that for $4.99 /Month and that’s a whopping 75% difference in price.

That’s where Google leave DropBox for dust on upgrade options, the remaining ones Google office are:

200GB – $9.99 (£6.15)
400GB – $19.99 (£12.30)
1TB – $49.99 (£30.77)
2TB – $99.99 (£61.55)
4TB – $199.99 (£123.11)
8TB – $399.99 (£246.22)
And last a whopping
16TB – $799.99 (£492.48)

Another benefit not to overlook is Google docs have been integrated into the drive, allowing collaboration on a project file with others, allowing access to the same document at the same time. This is great for team members working on an assignment, sharing research…
Now it’s not game over for DropBox yet, they still have value in its integration of 3rd party android apps and other web based services like WordPress having a storage option direct into DropBox, I myself use a WordPress backup plugin that saves direct into my DropBox, and also have my exchange email archiving to it.
Now this won’t be such for long as developers will start adding Google Drive as an option.

Will this be the end of DropBox, well we will have to wait but it’s not looking good.

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