Google Chrome x64

Google actually launched its Chrome browser 64-bit back early June, but only in the browser’s Dev channels, then the beta channel received beta release in July. Today they have released a stable version to the general public.

Google has found that the native 64-bit version has improved speed on many of its graphics and media benchmarks:

  • Speed:

64-bit allows it to take advantage of the newer processors and calling convention that allows more function parameters to be passed quicker. As a result, speed is improved, especially in graphics and multimedia content, where Google testers… where seeing an average 25% improvement in performance.

  • Security:

On Windows 8, Chrome can take advantage of a technology called address space randomisation that makes it harder for hackers to reliably crack a system by overwriting data in memory. Those extra bits also help us better defend against exploitation techniques such as JIT spraying, and improve the effectiveness of our existing security defence features like heap partitioning.

  • Stability:

Increased stability for 64-bit Chrome over 32-bit Chrome. In particular, crash rates for the the renderer process (i.e. web content process) are almost half that of 32-bit Chrome.


64-bit version of Chrome for Mac is apparenly under development but no news on a release date as of yet. 

Reported that the best part of this update will be the support for DirectWrite, for improved font rendering which will make browsing the web even better; there are also a number of new apps/extension APIs and other stability improvements as well.


Overall, it should also be more stable, secure and speedy release and well worth the download.

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