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Flash install error 1722

One thing i have found on a few computers on my network around 7 out of the 458 i currently manage, Flash will fail to install, even a manual install it will Error 1722. Found a manual fix but worked on my 7 failing computers. If it was a bigger issue i guess i could make a script to remove files and reg data then install flash, but for now.


On the computer failing deployment:

Delete Flash Player files located in:

If you get an error or can’t delete the .ocx file don’t worry just leave the file alone.

Now open regedit and navigate to:

deleted all the REG_DWORD keys!





Now redeploy your flash package and it will install without error.

One thought on “Flash install error 1722

  1. Do you know if the .appv extension is surepptod in SCCM 2012 RC yet? Or do you think this will be added in via a service pack later in the SCCM lifecycle?Im suprised that AppV 5 & SCCM 2012 would not be released at the same time to be offered as an upgrade path from AppV 4.x and SCCM 2007.Cheers

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