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Having been going to the gym for a years now, i though it time for me take up some form of sport. I looked around at my options as i have only been gyming it for year but i wouldn’t call myself to fit and being somewhat of an eccentric at times I wanted to do something “Interesting”. I was talking to friend at work who was talking about her daughter who amongst several sports she plays did Fencing. Hmmm, that sounds like a sport for me!

I soon found Preston Fencing Club website and sent an email of interest in joining. Several months after sending said email i received out of the blue an invitation to attend there “Taster session” to which I quickly responded and confirmed my attendance.

There where about 10 people with me at the session ranging from 10 years old to around 60 years young, we got introduced to the staff and got right to a warm-ups to prepare the leg muscles for some hard work, i did almost feel sorry for some of the others who freely admitted they have done no exercise in years and soon was out of breath just after the warm-ups. After the legs Woke up i was shown all the pieces of equipment one would have to have, starting with the many layers of clothing needed to protect every inch of your body from possible puncture, all weighing about 2kg.

Knowing the gist’s about the types of fencing and what one would wear we moved onto trying out some of the very basics of movement. Starting with “En garde” a French term to describes the basic stance of the fencer. This is a precarious position at first requiring one to have their right foot (being a right hander) in front of them pointing there toe forward, and then having the right foot perpendicular with toe pointing left, then you have to bend your knee’s putting you into a high squatting position. To make things more fun, you keep this position when moving forwards and back. Moving the front foot forward then keeping knees bent and feet same angle move your left foot forward putting you back to the starting position. It’s much harder then that’s sounds, trust me!

Having practiced the stance and how to move I was given a training foil to try my hand at a move called a “Lunge” where by one would get the point of the weapon as far toward your opponent as possible, putting the back leg that is straight and leaning into the attack by at least 45 degrees and a front leg that is bent to the point where the knee is just over the ankle without over stretching. Getting back to the en garde position one just needs to bend the left leg knee slightly and bring the left leg back using your left arm as a counterbalance.

That’s was all the time there was, I will hope to keep a diary of sorts documenting my progress into the world of foil fencing

Oh, In case you was wondering. Yes! I was aching the day after.

Any future updates will be placed in news.

Things Learnt

  • En Garde – The basic stance of a fencer.
  • Lunge – The fencer who is lunging has the point of the weapon as far toward the opponent as possible.
  • Touch – Is when the tip of one fencers weapon touches the target area on an opponent.

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