Fencing and I – Week 4

Preston Fencing Club

Week Four

As time goes on I’m finding the warm-ups much easier even finding that my Gastrocnemius muscle is more flexible then when I first started. Having been going to referred to a biomechanics’ to help sort out my very annoying flat feet the one thing, they recommended was for me to lose the tension in my leg muscles. Despite going to the gym for over a year and doing the stretching they recommended it was slow work but few weeks of Liz’s worm-ups seems to be doing the trick.

Having been delayed a few minutes due to Westview staff I guess forgetting us. After warm-ups we moved away from the intermediate group and got into out fencing kit. Our focus this week was on defence, moving from the starting En garde position with my foil on the outside also known as Sixte (Parry #6) moving the foil across my body to protect another part of my body, this position is known as Quarte or Parry #4. I paired with my usual partner being simper height and build, we saluted and got into en garde, one of us was to attack and lunge other person is to parry, deflecting the attack.

After practicing this parry for 10 minutes or so Liz called us over to show what could be done after a successful deflection. When opponent A lunges and opponent B successfully executes a parry #4, opponent A would now have what’s called right of way and can now attack there opponent, this is called a Riposte. We moved back to our lines and began practicing with our partners.

To end the evening Liz opened the floor to trying our hand at a match with whomever wanted to. As I have been practicing with the same person for weeks, I decided to challenge someone different. I must admit, I was confused by my opponents’ moves; they seemed to me a bit quick and erratic with more force than I had expected. Now, only a few weeks in I most certainly don’t understand much about the sport and for my sins, I’m a person who loves to evaluate situations and understand something before starting. We didn’t manage to reach our target score of 5 but at 3-2 to my opponent I think we both did well under the circumstances.

It was 21:00 and as the hall is the clubs till half past we could if wanted to challenge someone to a nice friendly match, i decided to stay behind and have a quick game with my usual partner. We saluted and started, this match seemed although quick more organised and calculated. I still didn’t feel confident about my ability to have a good match, making sure my moves where “Legal” and fair. But I suppose at this early stage, it’s not expected of us to know it all.

Next week I think the focus is about attacking.

Things Learnt

  • Quarte (Parry #4)
  • Sixte (Parry #6)
  • 1st friendly match

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