Fencing and I – Week 3

Preston Fencing Club

Week Three

This week was a special week, being as it’s the first time I’m going to be practicing in my new fencing kit.

As per normal we start by doing some warm-ups, making sure we stretch out upper leg muscles as they seem to be the primary group used, second I would say would be upper body. Having done this we did a quick line up getting into the en garde

Tonight we were paired together, beginners with intermediates standing opposite a partner of equal build. Our task was to get into the en garde position and practice keeping our distance with the intermediate being the leader moving forward and backwards I would have to try and keep a set distance apart.

10 minutes into the exercise and after some fast pace backwards and forwards chasing I was starting to put a sweat on, I quickly grabbed a quick drink when a break was called. Getting back in front out partner we were asked to get into the en garde position as before. This time to make it more challenging we would be trying to keep a distance apart from each other but also without notice the leader should stop and move there foil hand down to indicate the follower to attempt a lunge attack.

After the practice with the intermediate class we moved over to Liz and got our kit on, meaning I get to put on my new gear. Looking the part in my new nice new white attire we paired up with partner of equal build just like we did for practice we now did with our partner but while in full kit.

We started off with practicing lunge moves on one another, getting a feeling for what it would feel to be hit. To be honest with all the layers of padding all I was feeling was a dull thud where my opponents foil was hitting. To be able to know if my opponent was putting enough force behind I asked Liz the instructor to jab e so I know what a “professional” hit would feel, and all credit to my partner he was doing it the same. Although, it could be much harder if I was to be hit by my opponent if we happen to be moving towards one another and I was hit.

Towards the end the session we practiced movements, keeping set distance apart and on our opponents pause we are to lunge.

To end, we did a salute to Liz.

Things Learnt

  • Better at judging lunge distance.
  • Keep set distance from opponent and lunge.

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