The Cloud


It’s the end of USB Flash drives for me.

Every computer user from student to network administrators knows, getting files from one computer to another is vital. For years people used floppy disks and ZIP drives, but with their small storage capacity and their size when USB flash storage came to the market, overnight that market was died, hailing the age of the pen drive.

For years now best way to move large files was by flash drive, CD’s and DVD’s, smaller files e-mail would have been used, I’m sure most computer savvy people have used Google to store and transfer files before. Well, now there’s DropBox, which has-in the year or so since it came out of beta become my best and only way of making sure I have my most important files to hand.

If you’re not familiar with DropBox, Where the bloody hell you been? Well, it’s simple: You create a free account over at, and then install the app on your computer(s). The DropBox application creates a folder on your computer where ever you want it to be and then the program monitors that folder at all times watching out for changes. Whenever you change the contents of this folder, by adding, modifying or deleting files, DropBox then automatically syncs these changes to your account’s folder on their servers. Additionally, any other computers you have installed the program and logged in using the same account will have their DropBox folder synced as well. There’s nothing necessarily new or interesting about this capability, the idea has in some form or other been around for years in some form or other. But DropBox’s process is amazingly simple and makes collaboration an absolute breeze.

The account I have is a free one with extra storage from there many free small upgrade options upping me from the 2GB basic to a 3.3GB free plan. To date I have two Windows computers one Macintosh and two Android devices on the one account. One of my main functions of DropBox is providing me access to my website. I installed DropBox onto my Windows 2008 server and mapped the wwwroot folder onto my DropBox sync folder, meaning I have access to my web files making it easy to update and add files where ever I am. Other thing I use it for is to have access to my work files and projects I’m working on. I have even been known to have music on there so I can play then where ever I am.


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