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I DON’T WANT WINDOWS 10 (Well i do, but you may not)

Windows 10 is here and personally i like it and could very well be an operating system i would be happy to roll out to users. But no doubt some of you will be wishing to be back on windows 7/8, so no fear!!

If you’ve done the free upgraded and having give it some time (it’s been out for 2 days from this post, how much of a try have you really given it?) Microsoft have given you 30 days from the day you upgraded to Windows 10 a chance for you can roll back to your earlier version of Windows. Why 30 days i hear you say? Well I’m guessing they see 30 days as more then enough time for you to fully evaluate. And what about after 30 days i also hear you say? I don’t know, guess I’ll post in 29 days.



Your all backed up? good this is how to roll back to your previous windows version.

  • Click Start.
  • Click Settings.
  • On the Settings page, click on Update & Security


  • Now on the Update & Security page, click on Recovery
  • Under Go Back to Windows 7/8.1, click on Get Started.


  • Pick a reason for why you wish to rollback and then click Next



After a warning and a confirmation, the rollback process will begin, sit back for a few minuets and say goodbye to windows 10.



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