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SCCM Tip: Control SCCM Data Storage Location(s)

By default, when any site server role component is created the install and storage location is the first available NTFS partition with the most available disk space.  
To prevent and or stop SCCM from installing server components and it’s associated data on to a specific drive or partition first off check to make sure hide extensionsis turned off.

  • Open Control Panel and click Folder Options
  • Now make sure or untick Hide extentions for known file types

Click ok and close control panel.

  • Create a new file (Text file…) and give it the name “NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE” Now remove the current file extension .txt/.rtf… and replace with .SMS (It MUST have the file extension .SMS)
  • Now place it in the root of the partition you done wish SCCM to use and a store.

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