Android L – DEVELOPER release

I very recently posted how to install Android L onto your Nexus 5 (and 7). If you now have Android L and are experiencing compatibility issues and broken functionality i hope you understand that this is basically an alpha-esk level software. Of course i know full well how frustrating this can be, but unfortunately this has nothing to do with the install guide or the image… it’s a developer “testing” platform. This version of L isnt even a complete OS, certain features are either missing or incomplete, and is riddled with bugs throughout.

From the IO notes the primary purposes behind Google releasing L for the Nexus 5 and 7 is to allow developers to tinker their future app updates before the stable version rolls out, as the switch from Dalvik to ART requires apps to be updated to add support. The crux of it is, many apps are going to be broken for a few weeks or months leading up to the predicted official release this autumn.

So while Android L doesn’t have an official name, this official developer preview build of the OS should be installed knowing that certain aspects wont work for a while if ever on this build. Being the pre-release version of the OS, it’s rough around the edges, but good if you want to have a quick hack around or if you’re a developer and want/need to design a new UI or update your current apps to support the new features…

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