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In my current role I am required to provide support of approximately 800 users and around 500 workstations on any issues they may face with the operating system, Windows Server, business systems such as Sage 50, SIMS.net and Eclipse, hardware, software, printers and internet access… If problems cannot be resolved I will liase with 3rd party support in order to come to a solution. I am involved in support to our users on a daily basis, often attempting to first resolve issues by phone, and then escalating to either remote access or on location support. I am also currently responsible for managing and maintaining our internal support systems such as Parago, asset management system, system centre configuration manager (SCCM) and Sophos antivirus, and also for supporting and maintaining Active Directory and Microsoft exchange for all necessary users. I have recently re- designed Windows Active Directory and group policy for the updating of our site workstations to Windows 7.

I feel that I have strong communication skills, often dealing with both colleagues and pupils either face to face, over the telephone or by email and letter. I often have to explain how to resolve technical issues to non-technically minded people and I believe I have been able to do this effectively and have built strong relationships throughout my tenure at the Academy. I am also required to train users on our IT systems on a daily basis. I find that although the majority of my role is self-managed, I am confident when working together with my team in both IT and also in working in other group situations such as when I attend governors meetings in which I am a member.

I am often required to work outside my normal hours during certain times, for example, I often work late when we have open evenings or parent evenings. I have a high workload which requires daily prioritisation, for example: My daily incoming requests can vary from support tickets from staff and pupils, project updates or request from the head teacher or business manager, and daily administration work. It is up to me to prioritise this workload, and I find that it is always best to tackle the most immediate problems first. As an example, I would always prioritise an issue with the server or network as a whole as highest priority as this affects all user on an immediate level, where as one pupil being unable to access their email can be allocated a lower priority. During crucial periods such as exam time I often work through lunch breaks and stay late to ensure the school and its pupils do not suffer from technical issues.

I am responsible for sourcing and testing new software before deploying across all work stations. I am also responsible for sourcing and replacing new hardware as and when required.

I have a vast amount of experience with supporting, maintaining and building virtual servers, primarily Microsoft Hyper-V, and experience with virtualisation both P2V and V2V. I have installed and configured Windows Server 2003/08/12 to perform a variety of tasks such as Windows Updates, application/operating system deployment, Microsoft Office365, Windows Azure Active Directory, and setting up the onsite streaming media server

I feel that I approach my current role with a mature attitude and welcome responsibility as an opportunity to grow and learn.


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