Manuel Update of Nexus S to 2.3.3

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if your device gets “bricked” or damaged during the process. Please take care and proceed at your own risk!

Step By Step

  • Download the Official 2.3.3 update HERE
  • With the Nexus S on, plug it onto your PC and mount the phone storage.
  • Copy the file to root of the phone storage.
  • Power down the phone and disconnect USB cable from phone.
  • Next you need to boot the phone into Recovery Mode, by holding down the “Volume Up” and “Power” button at same time.
  • Now in Recovery Mode navigate down to “Recovery” using the volume button for navigation and power button to select.
  • A “!” graphic will be showing, hold the “Power” button and then press the “Volume Up” button to get recovery options. (Note: you might have to press power and volume button a few time for it to respond)
  • Navigate down to “Apply update from /sdcard” and press power button.
  • Select the update file you copied to the root of phone storage then press power button to flash it.
  • WAIT for the upgrade to complete, then reboot phone for the upgrade to take effect.

Congratulations you now have Gingerbread firmware installed.