Shut Your Pi-Hole

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Chances are you will be using a browser like Firefox or Chrome, also more then likely you will have a browser extension for blocking ads. But as more and more use their mobile devices to browse the web at home, don’t you want the same level of protection? or just after a “Gotta Catch Em All” […]

DIY Onion Pi

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Step-by-step guide to make your own wireless tor router using an old Raspberry Pi. Required materials: Raspberry Pi (I had an old Pi B) SD Card (at least 4 gigabytes) Network cable (<—This long—>) Compatible USB Wifi adapter (I recommend anything with the RT5370 chipset) Micro USB power adapter You won’t be needing a keyboard […]

Installing Kali on VirtualBox

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Install and setup Kali using VirtualBox I’m not going to explain why or what is Kali, or why onto VirtualBox. If you don’t know then this post isn’t for you! Things you need to download As I am going to show this in Windows, below is the link to the Windows installer. You can download MAC or […]