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Office365 True SSO

Ever since i completed the Office 365 AD FS single sign-on project its bothered me that the user onsite still had to be inputting their username (Email address) into the Microsoft online portal page. Turns out that there is no way to auto input the users email address from the portal page but if you use the url https://outlook.com/domainname.com  it… Read more →


Microsoft Office 365 with AD FS Single Sign-On

My latest project for my current employer was to integrate office 365 for all pupils for single sign-on using active directory. So, in this guide i will go through step by step configuration of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) for use with Office 365. Configure Office 365 The first thing we need is the domain name setting up on 365, log… Read more →


OK Google Everywhere

According to the reports, OK Google Everywhere feature will allow Android users to utter that ubiquitous phrase in order to bring up a menu for voice-based actions while browsing through photos, email or other applications. Well the reports are true, and here you go. When the Nexus 5 debuted, one of its coolest features was the fact that you could say “OK… Read more →


Shrink SQL Server Reporting Services log

Came into the office today only to find the C drive of my SCCM server full. Using a quick tool called WinDirStat i quickly found the issue, and without surprise its SQL logs filling it up. Found out the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) log database ReportServer_log.ldf file was eating up all disk space 85GB. Found out after forum chasing, this is because by default… Read more →