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Select "Deny" under Apply group policy

Exclude User/Computer From GPO

One that I’ve not had many times but enough that i feel others can benefit from the knowledge. Making a Group Policy object apply to everyone except specific users or computers. Sounds simple and something Microsoft might have an option for, but, sadly like everything no, no they don’t. This is a relatively straight forward task however i would recommend using this process sparingly as… Read more →

SCCM Catalogue and Chrome Error

SCCM Application Catalogue – IE Shortcut

One of the things i wished to do is to make it easier for users to use our sccm application catalogue as the link from the Software Centre isn’t at all helpful. I want a desktop shortcut on all users to the catalogue, simple to do if the user doesn’t have Chrome browser as default. A pain for me and to complex for end-user… Read more →


Password Protected Word File (Word 2010)

Had a request from a user who would like to edit a word document but the file was password protected. The workaround that worked is as followed:   Run word 2010 and then open the password protected word file. Now save it as a 1997-2003 document (*.doc) with a different file name. Close word then re-open it. Open the new renamed .doc file.… Read more →

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