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Here you will find technical and non technical information regarding my day to day working life as a large organisation network administrator.


Flush Printer Batch File

This batch file was to help fix an issue a user had where the printer was set to spool on the local users computer (since changed to spool on server) but for what ever reason user could nopt print due to a stuck print job that was locked on deleting print job. All the user has to do is click… Read more →


Lazy MS Office14 Serial Number and Activation Script.

Was having an issue with computers after an image rebuild was not activation windows right, it happened all in all 4 times now but after the 2nd it was taking more time to activate than I wanted so knocked up a quick batch file to input serial number and activate. Open notepad Copy/Paste in the following cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft… Read more →


LDAP Attributes and AD Manual Edit

We have recently got uniFlow print management installed and to get the costings right as a user might be in same department who is billed but also in sub department who is charged differently. We had to use both department field and one of the custom attribute fields {extensionAttribute1}, though a list could be useful for my records and others… Read more →


Google Chrome x64

Google actually launched its Chrome browser 64-bit back early June, but only in the browser’s Dev channels, then the beta channel received beta release in July. Today they have released a stable version to the general public. https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/?platform=win64 Google has found that the native 64-bit version has improved speed on many of its graphics and media benchmarks: Speed: 64-bit allows it to take advantage of… Read more →